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What I hope to accomplish through this blog

For this blog, I will be exploring the childhood obesity epidemic. This is particularly interesting to me because of how different a disease it is and how much affect it has on children and society in the future. As a student I am just trying to educate parents about the topic. By learning about it they will see how to make changes with their children. Since I am not a parent I am not able to judge parents for what they have been doing. I will try to have them learn simple lifestyle changes that can be done with their children that can have lasting effects on their children’s future health.  It is not only parents that need these lessons. Educators to children need to incorporate these ideas routinely in their lessons to reinforce what is being done in the home so that children realize this is a lifestyle they need to follow inside and outside the home throughout their live. Also, offering ideas for policy implementation in different levels of society can help suppress the rate of the epidemic. The rapid spread of this disease needs to be stopped for the future of our society to grow and be healthy.

I am hoping to look at a variety of sources to gather information around this topic, such as books, journal articles, interviews, new articles, online sources, and other sources that could be found.

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